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Mark Williams


Name: Erm... That's a tough one... How do I spell it again??

Age: I identify as 22, as is my right!!

Beard: Occasional.

Instrument: Kick ass rockin' guitar.

Age started playing: Stone age.

Biggest influence: You mean other than alcohol? Oh right guitar players....many including; Mattias Jabs, Gary Moore, Brian May, Slash, Dave Sabo/ Scottie Hill... classic HWOMHM bands like Iron Maiden... you get the vibe...

Previous bands: Covers bands in Essex including Scooby, Storm, So What... several original bands in my teens/ twenties.

Best  venue played: Marquee Club.

Most memorable music moment: Watching a line of security trying to hold back a jumping crowd at a few gigs... utterly awesome feeling to be provoking such a great reaction in many people.

First gig: The Red Rose club, Finsbury Park.

Favourite band: Lithium.

Favourite song on the set-list: It has to be the songs which make the crowd dance & sing, such as Livin' on a prayer and Don't stop believin'... Personal taste can't really come into it or I'd have the guys playing Skid Row & Motley Crue all night.

Most hated song in the world ever!: Chelsea Dagger. I tell every band I play with I will never play this song. One of my early covers bands made me finish the night off with it for years. If I hear da, da ,daaa I think murderous thoughts.

Hobbies: Motorcycles, I love to ride! 

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