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Luke Burley

Luke pic.jpg

Name: Luke Burley (New boy!)

Age: Actual 42, Physical 82, Mental 12.

Beard: Attempting …… 3/10


Instrument: Geetar and one string banjo.

Age started playing: 10

Biggest influences: Nuno Bettencourt, Brian May, Eddie Van Halen, Andy Timmons, that guy with the top hat and cigarette problem, a fella named James and Derrick from my local off licence (he is a bad influence).

Previous Bands: 6string Makeover, Soul attraction, Hard2Handle, Man Made Soul, backing band for quite a few singers too. Played for Charlotte Church, Anne Marie and a few xfactor. Runners up….

Best venue played: Rock City but a shout out to the Army and Navy. Very much missed.

Most memorable music moment: Playing Angels at a memorial concert and the audience singing as loud as the band. Tears to the eyes stuff!

First gig: White Horse Maldon, can’t remember the band name.

Favourite band: Extreme.

Favourite song on setlist: Sweet child o’ mine.

Most hated song in the world ever: Baby shark.

Hobbies outside music: What’s outside music?

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