Lithium was born in 2013 by a few like minded musicions with the love  of heavy rock for a charity concert. After a lot of fun and a few personel changes we have the current line up of Ian Hardy (Bass & Vocals), Mark Williams (Guitar & Backing vocals) and John "Funky Benson" Herring (Drums & Backing vocals).


The band are firm believers in the live and loud philosophy, with a good sprinkling of loud guitar and tongue firmly placed in cheek. Our eclectic set-list rock classics to pop favourites all played in Lithium's signature style. The music is played with enthusiasm & with a smile on our faces.

Be ready to get your dancing boots on, blow up your air guitar & come & have some fun with us at one of our gigs.

We predominately play in venues around Essex & London area, but we also love a festival. 

As a 3 piece, we can fit into smaller venues that might believe they can't have a band due to space constraints. With only 3 musicians to pay, we can be competitive on price too.


For those more intimate and chilled out occasions there is the a Lithium Lite option using acoustic guitars and percussion, the set-list is adjusted to suit a more mellow atmosphere.

Please use the "contact us" page to get in touch about bookings.

Cheers & keep rockin'

Ian, Mark & Benson

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