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Name: John Herring, aka Funky  Benson (Long story).

Age: Perpetually 12.

Beard: Part time, badgers arse... If you saw it you would understand...

Instrument: Drums, wooden box, a bit of guitar and a bit less bass (Well now days at least).

Age started playing: Drums 7 Guitar 10... You'd think I' be reasonably good at either of them by now, wouldn't you??

Biggest influence: Chad Smith.

Previous bands: Marcellus, Benelvian Fish, The Glenn Rogers Band. Plus various orchestral and orchestra pit work.

Best venue played: Royal Albert Hall.

Most memorable music moment: Getting kicked off a drum kit by Nico McBrain when I was 10. Or meeting Flea on the Tube as we were both travelling to a Red Hot Chili Peppers gig.

First gig: Romford United Services Club.

Favourite band: Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Favourite song on the set-list: Dani California (Yes, there's a bit of a reoccurring theme).

Most hated song in the world ever!: Wind beneath my wings. Hate it with a passion after being made to play it for several different singers in the same talent show. Plus I'm not really into that sentimental mushy crap... Sorry it's a me problem, and I'm at peace with that.

Hobbies outside music: Lifting heavy stuff, running around a bit.

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