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Ian Hardy


Name: Ian, It's written at the top.......

Age: 29 with experience.

Beard: Most of the time.

Instrument: Bass and vocals (Guitar in Lithium Lite).

Age started playing: 12.

Biggest influence: Colin Hay.

Previous bands: The Shapes, Redeemer, Chinatown, Last remaining light, Graphite Blonde, Blame Dave, Gunrunner.

Best venue played: Marquee club.

Most memorable music moment: They are all great!

First gig: Essex Arms, Brentwood.

Favourite band/ artist: Colin Hay.

Favourite song on setlist: Either Sweet child of mine or Enter Sandman.

Most hated song in the world ever!: Purple rain.

Hobbies outside music: Lifting heavy things, running around and playing rugby union.

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